World Bank Project:

Mining and Environmental Remediation and Improvement Project



GDC Consulting has been actively engaging in the World Bank Project titled ‘Mining and Environmental Remediation and Improvement Project’($65.6 million), based on the strong alliance with the Ministry of Mines and Minerals Development of Zambia from 2016.


GDC Consulting and MIRECO(Mine Reclamation Corporation), a public corporation of the Republic of Korea, comprised a consortium to conduct feasibility study, which was funded by Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute (KEITI). To strategically improve possibility of winning contract of the World Bank Project, GDC Consulting has implemented physical inspection on the project sites, analyzed polluted areas with soil samples and reviewed policy and economic feasibility in advance.


GDC Consulting has submitted five Expression of Interests. Three of them are shortlisted and one of them is accepted to implement consultancy services that can lead to Works and Supervision of Works.

KOICA ODA Project:

Country Portfolio Evaluation for the Philippines and Indonesia

Philippines, Indonesia


GDC Consulting performed 'KOICA ODA Project: Country Portfolio Evaluation for the Philippines and Indonesia' with Samjung KPMG SCG Group. This portfolio evaluation analyzed all the project portfolios by sectors and types that had been conducted from 2007 to 2018 in the Philippines(94 projects) and Indonesia(90 projects), based on KPMG-PMM(Portfolio Management Matrix) and operational analysis methodology(S-PROC diagnosis developed by GDC-KPMG evaluation team.

KOICA has posed the need for integrated planning and performance management by sectors through improvement of a 'stand-alone' project system focusing on individual projects and continuous strategy development reflecting the strengths and weaknesses of KOICA's aid system.

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Ukraine Renewable Energy Development Project and Project Financing




GDC Consulting has strong relationship with the Zaporizhia state government and private company in Ukraine to promote successful renewable energy projects. GDC Consulting and Zaporizhia state government has reached the Memorandum of Understanding in 2016 to facilitate cooperation in the renewable energy projects. GDC Consulting has also made the Sole Agency Agreement with the biggest solar power company in Ukraine, Tokmak Solar Energy, thereby enabling investors in Korea to take part in renewable energy projects.


Currently, it is worthy of investing in Ukraine due to highest rate of Feed in Tariffs (FIT) in renewable energy and supports from international organizations including EBRD. GDC Consulting has already conducted feasibility study in 2017 with global leading firms, s* company and G* company, resulting in developing solar power projects and biomass projects in Zaporizhia state. Moreover, GDC Consulting is carrying out project finance consulting services for potential investors .  

Feasibility Study of Energy Self Supporting Village in Myanmar




According to National Electricity Plan in 2014, the government of Myanmar announced to expand national grid by 2030 and increase access to electricity by supplying self-supporting electricity system for vulnerable regions such as rural and mountainous area.


GDC Consulting designs energy self-supporting village based on the country reports and research on international procurement market. The project will be implemented in Mon state, Myanmar with ODA (Official Development Assistance) fund from Korean government. Pre-feasibility study has been accomplished successfully due to support of Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology(KIAT), technology cooperation with high-tech Korean company, E* and collaboration with government stakeholders in Myanmar (Central government in Myanmar and Mon State Government).


The outcome of this project contains tender information of the MDBs and strategies to enter solar power market in Myanmar. GDC Consulting has accumulated network with Myanmar government through numerous projects so that GDC Consulting could provide consulting services with Korean companies for overseas expansion.




Feasibility Study of Smart Grid Project in Tanzania

GDC Consulting has implemented a project called ‘Masterplan to Establish an Internatonal Procurement Capacity Strategy’ funded by the Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology (KIAT) in 2015.


By discriminating industry sector which has comparative advantage technologically, GDC Consulting develops strategy to win contracts according to country and project type. GDC Consulting analyzes developing countries’ needs and development strategy of Korea and selects 10 key countries and 5 key industrial sectors. As a result, GDC Consulting has come to draw 12 strategic projects within the Industrial Technology ODA Model.


The Smart Grid Project is one of the strategic projects mentioned above. The project aimed to improve unstable electricity system in Tanzania with state of the art ICT in Korea. With government funding, GDC Consulting conducted feasibility study of the region and designed tentative project plan which can apply proper technology and facilities. Furthermore, GDC Consulting developed practical ODA model through coordination with Tanzanian government and prepared for expansion plan of this project. Finally GDC consulting could reflect the projects to the Korean government’s aid plan with the amount of 5 million dollars which will be initiated in 2018.    

Knowledge Sharing Program Supporting its Modernization of Vietnam Fire& Rescue, Police Department




Knowledge Sharing Program Policy Consulting is implemented by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance in Korea to support socio-economic development in developing countries. GDC Consulting successfully completed policy consulting projects named “Strengthening the Capacities of Vietnam Fire & Rescue Police Department and Supporting its Modernization in Vietnam” with University of Seoul.


 In addition, GDC Consulting has experiences to conduct feasibility study of “Improvement of firefighting equipment project” for the Fire-fighting, Prevention and Rescue in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam with Korea Fire-fighting Institute(KFI) in 2015. It was funded by Korean government. Since then, GDC Consulting keeps strong alliance with  Minister of Public Security and Fire and Rescue Police Department in Vietnam.


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